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Mask making 2

I moved the injection hole (as mentioned in Mask Making) to the tip of the nose. I’m so glad I did, because I finally got a full mask! There’s only one small hole, which I’ll be able to patch.

I think the hole was caused by not sealing the original injection hole.This reduced the pressure on the foam as it was being injected, and made it more difficult to fill the mould. It also wasted product, becasue a lot of foam escaped from the hole instead of filling the mould.

Once the hole is patched I need to trim the mask down and paint. It’s so close to done now, I’m really excited!


Fiberglass Insert

I have a new project underway that I’m really excited about (details to follow soon), because it’s giving me a chance to break out my prosthetics skills again

I made my positive out of fiberglass, because it’s cheap, lightweight and strong. Also, if I want to make my finished piece out of foam latex, the fiberglass can be baked in the oven.

A fiberglass piece is made of 2 layers; a gel coat and layers fiberglass matting soaked in. resin. Usually the insert would be white, but I didn’t add as much silicone pigment as I thought to the gel coat.The advantage of a white insert is that it makes it easier to see the shape of the sculpt you’re working on, especially if the chavant (sculpting clay) you use is green.

Now it’s time for me to start sculpting!

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