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Mask making 2

I moved the injection hole (as mentioned in Mask Making) to the tip of the nose. I’m so glad I did, because I finally got a full mask! There’s only one small hole, which I’ll be able to patch.

I think the hole was caused by not sealing the original injection hole.This reduced the pressure on the foam as it was being injected, and made it more difficult to fill the mould. It also wasted product, becasue a lot of foam escaped from the hole instead of filling the mould.

Once the hole is patched I need to trim the mask down and paint. It’s so close to done now, I’m really excited!


Mask Making


I’ve tried running my mask twice now, in foam and gelatine. The mould didn’t fill properly either time, which suggests I need to move the injection hole. I’m going to drill another one at the tip of the nose, moving it down from between the eyebrows. This should help the product get around whatever is causing the problem.

However, I will not be running the mask in gelatine again. Although the translucent red looked really good the weight, even as a half mask, was too much. If my client wore the gelatine mask for a performance it might break or tear.

I tried painting the mask white, like the face paint my client wears. However I don’t think it looks as stong as the red, but I do like the silver highlighting. I’ll try and bring that in to the full face piece when I have one.

Mask Project

This is the project I hinted at in my last post!

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be making a performance mask for Varski.

This is still an early stage in the sculpting process (about 6 hours in), there’s still a lot of detailing and refining to do but I’m really happy with the direction I’m going in. The hard part was resisting some of the intricate sculpting details I wanted to add in that would be invisible from a distance, especially during a stage show, and might block or limit the size of the nostril hole, which is a big concern with a singer.

I’ll be moulding on Thursday, so with any luck I’ll be trialling paint next week!

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