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Aggy G: behind the Scenes


I’ve got Aggy made up and in costume. The crescent moon is a throw back to an anime I used to love, Sailor Moon, but I kept everything in black and silver to go with the armour. I chose plaits for the hair both because I think they suit the look and because I love the way plaits look in ombre hair. The black maxi dress was used to hide any holes in the scales, and once it was cut to length the extra fabric made a great cover for Aggy’s festival wristbands.

It’s off to the park to shoot! I’m lucky that just across the road from my house is a park with lots of different possible back drops. There’s all kinds of plants and trees, bridges and a rock garden. My only worry is the sun (as much as I’m loving the beautiful weather) it can make taking photos a lot harder.


Behind the scenes with Michelle and Bashir

These are a few behind the scenes shots from today’s shoot with Michelle and Bashir.

We shot 2 looks, the boudoir look and the creative paint splatter look. I spent a lot of the day on lighting duty, because we were experimenting with coloured gels and movement. To get the colours to look right they had to be angled in the right way.

This was a really fun experimental shoot, and I can’t wait to see the results!

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