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Product Review: Nyx Lipsticks


Left to Right: Jumbo pencil in Maroon, soft matte lip cream in Transylvania, Liquid Suede in Stone Fox and Vamped Up


The texture is really smooth and creamy so it applied very easily. There is a bit more red in the colour than I was hoping for but I still like it. The pencil is also long wearing, I tested it when I was working in a bar. This meant it had to last for 8 hours, with eating and drinking, and it survived with only minimal wearing.


A matte, liquid lipstick in a non-drying formula. However, because of the liquid consistency if your lips are already dry this lipstick doesn’t apply as easily as the pencil. It does pick up chapping, but not as badly as other liquid formulas. Tested under the same conditions as Maroon it did just as well.
If you like a a dark, vampy, purple/red then this is a great cheap option.

Stone Fox:

Once again I’m a fan of the colour and consistency, and I love it any time a brand gets daring with their lipstick colours. Howevere the last on the Liquid Suede isn’t as good. It needs more retouching than the other two. It’s not terrible but I wouldn’t be confdent wearing it in a situation where I can’t keep an eye on it.

Vamped Up:

When I first saw this I was confused about what it was meant to be. It’s a very sheer black pencil, designed to transform a natural lipstick. It’s basically the day to night of lipsticks. It’s a good idea, but it can be a bit tricky to apply. It doesn’t always give an even finish, and it doesn’t always go well with the colour it’s applied over. I haven’t tried this yet, but I imagine it would be quite difficult to apply over a creamier base too.

Aggy G: The Face Chart


The inspiration for this look is very Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings – I want to create a look suitable for a priestess or a warrior in the fantasy genre.

In the actual makeup the eyeshadow will be more blended, paper doesn’t carry makeup in the same way as skin  – meaning sometimes it’s hard to show a smokey eye on face charts. I’ll probably use a darker shade of purple, the wardrobe is all black and silver, and I want to keep the makeup in the same tones.

Aggy G: The Photos

I’m thrilled with how my shoot with Aggy G turned out! The metallic paint caught the light so well and I think the whole visual is really strong. The hair, makeup and styling all come together to create a cohesieve character. I also think the images and memorable and different – which is ideal for promotion.

I’m glad we tried different locations, and I think it’s interesting how the stone backgroud reminds me of Game of Thrones but the plant based backgrounds make me think of Lord of the Rings. I’m definitely taking this as a lesson on the power of the background to effect the feeling of an image.

This dragon armour project took a lot of time and work, but I’m really glad I did it. This was my first attempt at costume making and I’m really happy with how it turned out. This is an area I definitely want to pursue more. Sewing has never been my strong suit, so I’d better get out my mum’s sewing machine and find some classes!


Mask making 2

I moved the injection hole (as mentioned in Mask Making) to the tip of the nose. I’m so glad I did, because I finally got a full mask! There’s only one small hole, which I’ll be able to patch.

I think the hole was caused by not sealing the original injection hole.This reduced the pressure on the foam as it was being injected, and made it more difficult to fill the mould. It also wasted product, becasue a lot of foam escaped from the hole instead of filling the mould.

Once the hole is patched I need to trim the mask down and paint. It’s so close to done now, I’m really excited!

United Make Up Artists Expo: The Modelling

On the Sunday, Leicester College were down a bodypaint model. So instead of assissting with a direct appliance special effects look (the original plan) I got to spend the day being turned in to a ‘psychadelic siren’. I had so much fun – I always enjoy dressing up and being crazy characters.

It was a bit strange having up to four different people painting me, styling my hair and gluing things to me at a time. The webbed hands looked great, although they did make picking things up almost impossible. I was actually all dressed up when I did my shopping, luckily for me the ladies on the PPI and PSComposites stands were lovely and more than willing to pick things up and put them in bags for me. I even had to borrow a pen to use a card machine!

It’s a really great thing for makeup artists to experience the modelling side of things, and not only in the sense that working in different creative disciplines is always a great way to understand your own craft better. Modelling for extensive paint or prosthetic looks can be uncomfortable and tiring, and in the case of life casting quite nerve wracking for some people. In the case of this look, having webbing glued to my hands meant that I couldn’t pick things up – which meant that had I been hungry or thirsty I wouldn’t be able to eat or drink without help. Although I always try to be conscious of my models/clients comfort, experiencing these things for myself is always a great reminder of how important it is.

I can’t wait to see the photos the UMAExpo photographer took, they looked amazing on the laptop.

United Make Up Artists Expo: The shopping

I was actually very restrained when it came to spending money for once (partly thanks to one of my tutors who very fimrly told me not to splash out on an airbrush that I can’t afford and don’t really need yet).

I bought Prosaide cream because I’ve been wanting to try a scarification design for ages, and I got myself a couple of Skin Illustrator On Set palletes (Grunge and Complexion). I chose those two because I had nothing in my kit that was good for dirtying someone down (Grunge) and the colours in the Complexion pallete are beautiful and great for detailing realistic pieces  – which is sometihng I want to practice more.

The Kryolan products came in the goodie bag I got for going to some of their talks. Dermacolour is a great concealer, and I’m looking forward to trying out the lipsticks. I was also thrilled to get the blood, because my kit is filled with arterial blood, but I didn’t have any venous blood – so Kryolan’s generousity saved me some money!

United Make Up Artists Expo: The stands

Again, this is just a selection of what was on display on the stands at the UMAExpo. Companies selling products set up displays showing their products, a particular favourite among the companies selling blood.

There were also sculptures, like at PS Composites, elaborate wigs and examples of work. The fact that the UMAExpo is a  relatively new and still quite small trade show is great in a lot of ways, because it’s possible to get up close to the stands and talk to the exhibitiors about their products and what they do. It’s a great opportunity to learn and be inspired. There’s so many things I want to try (and buy!) after this weekend.


United Make Up Artists Expo: The Demos

These pictures are just a small selection of the demos happening on the Saturday at the UMA Expo. Unfortunately my camera battery didn’t survive the day, so I wasn’t able to take photos at the talks I went to in the afternoon of Giuseppe Cannas’ (Head of Hair and Makeup at the National Theatre) point knotted wigs or Danny Elias’s beautiful Queen Titania inspired high fashion prosthetic look for Kryolan.

There were demos happening on every stand (in the case of PPI two at the same time) ranging from beauty, to bodypaint to prosthetics. Choosing a favourite look from the day is next to impossible, but if I had to pick I think it might be Dan Gilbert’s dead ballerina.

Aggy G: behind the Scenes


I’ve got Aggy made up and in costume. The crescent moon is a throw back to an anime I used to love, Sailor Moon, but I kept everything in black and silver to go with the armour. I chose plaits for the hair both because I think they suit the look and because I love the way plaits look in ombre hair. The black maxi dress was used to hide any holes in the scales, and once it was cut to length the extra fabric made a great cover for Aggy’s festival wristbands.

It’s off to the park to shoot! I’m lucky that just across the road from my house is a park with lots of different possible back drops. There’s all kinds of plants and trees, bridges and a rock garden. My only worry is the sun (as much as I’m loving the beautiful weather) it can make taking photos a lot harder.

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