I was actually very restrained when it came to spending money for once (partly thanks to one of my tutors who very fimrly told me not to splash out on an airbrush that I can’t afford and don’t really need yet).

I bought Prosaide cream because I’ve been wanting to try a scarification design for ages, and I got myself a couple of Skin Illustrator On Set palletes (Grunge and Complexion). I chose those two because I had nothing in my kit that was good for dirtying someone down (Grunge) and the colours in the Complexion pallete are beautiful and great for detailing realistic pieces  – which is sometihng I want to practice more.

The Kryolan products came in the goodie bag I got for going to some of their talks. Dermacolour is a great concealer, and I’m looking forward to trying out the lipsticks. I was also thrilled to get the blood, because my kit is filled with arterial blood, but I didn’t have any venous blood – so Kryolan’s generousity saved me some money!