On the Sunday, Leicester College were down a bodypaint model. So instead of assissting with a direct appliance special effects look (the original plan) I got to spend the day being turned in to a ‘psychadelic siren’. I had so much fun – I always enjoy dressing up and being crazy characters.

It was a bit strange having up to four different people painting me, styling my hair and gluing things to me at a time. The webbed hands looked great, although they did make picking things up almost impossible. I was actually all dressed up when I did my shopping, luckily for me the ladies on the PPI and PSComposites stands were lovely and more than willing to pick things up and put them in bags for me. I even had to borrow a pen to use a card machine!

It’s a really great thing for makeup artists to experience the modelling side of things, and not only in the sense that working in different creative disciplines is always a great way to understand your own craft better. Modelling for extensive paint or prosthetic looks can be uncomfortable and tiring, and in the case of life casting quite nerve wracking for some people. In the case of this look, having webbing glued to my hands meant that I couldn’t pick things up – which meant that had I been hungry or thirsty I wouldn’t be able to eat or drink without help. Although I always try to be conscious of my models/clients comfort, experiencing these things for myself is always a great reminder of how important it is.

I can’t wait to see the photos the UMAExpo photographer took, they looked amazing on the laptop.