I saw some jeans on Pinterest that were white at the top and blck on the legs. I liked the idea, but I thought it would look better the other way up.

I started by soaking some black jeans in bleach mixed with water. I did this twice, leaving the jeans for about an hour each time. I used about ¾ of a bottle of bleach in each bowl of water.  I then rinsed out the jeans. I thought they would need bleaching again. After I washed the jeans they were much lighter, mostly almost white, Unfortunately the jeans were  a bit patcy at the top of the legs.

I decided to combat this by dyeing the jeans. I chose pink (one of my favourite colours) but it was such a large area that I decided to go with powder pink instead  of bright pink. I used the new Dylon dye, with the salt added. It was so easy – just throw the jeans and they dye powder in the washing machine and run twice. Once to colour and once to rinse.

They still look a bit patchy. Next time I dye clothes I will try to make sure the base is even.