I’ve seen a lot of galaxy themed things on pinterest recently. Galaxy hair, galaxy nails and galaxy shorts just to start. Since getting a nice manicure would be a waste right now and I can’t afford galaxy hair, I decided to make myself some galaxy shorts.

Step 1:

Take a pair of black shorts and your paint (I used pearlescent red, blue and purple fabric paints) and roughly sponge the first colour across the shorts.
Add the other two colours, overlapping the paint in some places.

Once I finished layering my paints I wasn’t happy with my colours. The pearl in the paint made everything look too silver and the colours were really hard to tell apart.

Step 2:


I took acrylic paints in different shades of purple and blue, and sponged them across on top of the pearlecent paint to reduce the shine. I then left the shorts to dry.

This looked more like I wanted it to. If you use paints you like at first this is all only 1 step haha!

Step 3:


Once the paint was dry (to stop the white mixing in) I used the end of a paintbrush and white acrylic paint to create the stars. I dabbed them on in rough groups so they looked like constellations.